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Occupational Health & Safety

Pace is confident you share our concerns for the health & safety aspects of all employees who work at your facilities. The success of either related occupational health and safety programs is dependent on our education efforts, and on your co-operation and support.

General Induction

Pre-temporary or contract assignment awareness designed to improve pre-work knowledge and awareness is the key to our safety objectives. Our Induction ‘Temp Pack’ covers Workplace Behavior, Time Keeping, Attendance, Punctuality, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy, Use of Mobile Phone and Audio Players, Equipment Usage, Workplace Diversity, Serious Misconduct and Conflict Resolution process..

OH&S Induction

OH&S induction covers a number of significant areas of safety including OH&S Policy objectives, Attitudes and Responsibilities, Safety Rules, Reporting Near Misses, Injuries and Accidents, Reporting Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions, Resolution of OH&S issues and Emergency Procedures.

Site Specific Induction

The site specific induction process provided by the Client is crucial to maximise safety and minimise risk in the workplace. The induction is designed to encompass the client’s operations, facilities, policies, procedures and the specific requirements of the job and is supplementary to employees being the holder of a construction industry ‘White Card’.

Safety is of paramount value to Pace and we are committed to the safety of our temporary contract workers

Pace is committed to ensuring that the health and safety goals and objectives are effectively communicated to all our employees and host employers conform to the necessary health and safety standards.

Pace is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory obligations

Ensuring all employees, are aware of OH&S Standards and host employers conform to them. Adhere to the host employer’s work safe practices, objectives and instructions. Immediately report any unsafe work practice/condition.

Pace will not knowingly allow any temporary contractor to work in an unsafe facility. We rely on you to assume responsibility for your equipment, machinery, materials, work processors and facilities where our temporary contractors are assigned and to notify Pace of any workplace injury or incident as soon as it occurs.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Pace recognises that alcohol or drug misuse will impair an individual’s ability to perform work safely. It is the policy of this company to protect its employees, assets, the community and the environment in which it operates, from hazards arising from alcohol or drug misuse in the workplace.

Consequently, Pace requires the performance of its employees, contractors and others to be unimpaired by drug or alcohol misuse whilst on any work site or when performing any work while representing the company or working for host employer.

The illegal or unauthorised possession, consumption, sale or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs whilst performing work for Pace or its host employer is prohibited and is a breach of an individual’s duty of care.

After investigation, any person found to be in breach of this policy, may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal as outlined in the employee’s contract of employment.

If there is a situation where alcohol or other drug misuse may contribute to potentially significant safety, legal or performance events, the company will act responsibly to protect its employees, operations, customers and the community in which it operates.

When attending social functions, employees are reminded of their responsibilities, and to drink in moderation, or make alternative transport arrangements.

Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment.

Smoking Policy

Pace has a policy of a smoke-free work place and this means that smoking is not permitted within Company or host employer work places subject to the provision of designated smoking areas.

The “work place” is defined as all Company or host employer sites and/or vehicles.

Pace is committed to securing the health & safety of its employees and will discourage smoking in all of its premises.

Employees may only smoke during break times designated by their supervisor or outside normal office hours. No unscheduled breaks are to be taken for the purpose of smoking outside the building.

Smoking may only be conducted in the designated smoking areas.

It will be the responsibility of all employees to ensure that their visitors/contractors are made aware of, and comply with, this policy.

Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment.