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Jesse BonniciPhoto

Meet Jesse

As Head of Business Development at Pace, I currently support businesses and candidates across supply chain, logistics, operations, sales & marketing disciplines. My passions throughout life have been a mixed bag to say the least. I grew up aspiring to be a Marine Biologist, followed by an Olympian and then a Practising Lawyer.

Having graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Law (Honours), I became an Australian Legal Professional within the meaning of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Act (Victoria) (if you know you know!)

Going from law to now working in such a unique and satisfying discipline, I would not change the way things have worked out for a second. I could not be more thrilled about joining the Pace team since its regeneration and am so looking forward to continuing to work with such a passionate group, who hold the principles of philanthropy and value-adding to our niche market, at their core.

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