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5 Types of Job Interviews & How to Prepare

  • Author IconCarolina Orsi & Nikita Nilmadhub

You have an interview next week. Your first port of call is to google 'most common interview questions' and get to rehearsing in front of the mirror. But how productive is that really?

Something many candidates aren't aware of is that there's a huge difference between an interview with a HR Manager, a Recruiter and your potential Line Manager. Not only are the types of questions entirely different, so is the level or transparency you can uphold.

As our Procurement Consultant, Carolina Orsi dives into her first podcast with the team, she is joined by veteran, Sales and Customer Service Senior Consultant, Nikita Nilmadhub as the pair spill the beans.

4:03 - The Five Different Types of Interviews
10:23 - Behavioural Questions vs Situational Questions
12:12- How to Prepare For an Interview
20:00- The Difference Between Interviews with: HR Managers, Recruiters and Line Managers
24:55 - Crisis Management as a Job Seeker
28:30 - What To Expect Post-Interview