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A day in the life of a recruiter

  • Author IconNikita Nilmadhub

As recruiters, we get asked frequently, “so what do you ACTUALLY do? Just find people jobs?” While yes, that’s true! There’s a lot more to it. To help job seekers and even our clients to better understand what a typical day looks like, our Procurement and Sales Consultant, Nikita Nilmadhub, has put together a thorough breakdown of what her day as a recruiter looks like.

Nikita’s typical work day goes something like this:


Morning workout and a shower. I then check my emails to get up to date and make sure any candidates who have their first day on the job or an interview are all set to go. Candidates who no longer want a position or to undergo an interview present a particularly challenging part of my role (please God, NO!).


Arrive at work, sign in to my computer and organise my day. I have a rough idea every single day of what my day should look like, but every morning, I add more structure to it. I check through my emails, call and meet any candidates or colleagues I need to, and then once I’m caught up, I walk downstairs to get my coffee. One of the best parts of my day. I also like to use this time to scroll through LinkedIn – see what my network is up to, get some market insights, and maybe even post something myself.


Our daily consultant meeting. At Pace, we are a highly collaborative team who meet regularly to ensure everyone feels supported and can assist each other in the best way possible. One of my favourite things about Pace, is that the questions “how can I help?” or “what can I do for you?” is constantly asked. We all support, and genuinely care for each other.


Once I’m caffeinated, this is when I like to follow up with any of my contacts and check in on them. I like to ask if they’re happy with their employees (particularly the ones we have placed), and check to see if we can assist them any further. Further to that, I reach out to potential new contacts to introduce myself and Pace. Basically, business development. I also enjoy meeting candidates in the morning. I’m definitely a morning person, so I like to meet as many people as I can in this time period.


Anywhere between this time frame, I tend to take lunch. I’m learning to make it a habit of getting outside for a walk … working on it! I like to use this time to also format any CVs which I want to send out on a shortlist to my contacts. I tend to follow up on client interviews during this time and take reference checks.


This period is usually spent conducting interviews, getting in touch with potential candidates and supporting them in any way they need. While our core service is placing candidates in jobs, my role is so much more than that. I take the time to support job seekers, give market insight and share job hunt tips whether it’s improving a resume, updating their LinkedIn or just reminding them they’re not alone.


Wrap up. This could involve sending any emails I want to get across for the next day, locking in any last-minute meetings for the next day, and making sure I am in a good position to tackle the following day. I also use this time to make sure all my admin is up to date. Our pride and joy at Pace is our database so ensuring all the correct information is entered and available to my colleagues is another big priority for our team.


While business hours end at 5pm, work doesn’t. Recruitment is a 24-hour job and it’s something you think about day and night. With some candidates needing to interview outside of business hours and contacts being in meetings all day, it’s a given that I’ll be working past 5 whether I’m in office or not.

In saying this, our Managing Director Lindsey is one of the largest advocates for mental health and finding time for yourself. With quarterly wellness sessions, flexible working arrangements and hybrid office working, Lindsey allows us to work when and where we’ll be most successful. If this means working until 9pm one night and starting later the next day, that’s life and our team is lucky to have such a people-centric leader to set the tone.

For more career advice or assistance finding employment, give the Pace VIC team a call today.