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Developing a product, building your brand & realigning your strategy with Tom Griffith

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We partner with Co-Founder of Emma and Tom's beverage company, Tom Griffith, to discuss the ins and outs of developing a product from scratch and the role branding plays in this process.

With a background in Finance, combined with his business partner Emma Welsh’s experience in Agricultural Science, the pair developed their all natural, minimally processed drinks from scratch.​​​​​​​Tom has experienced all the highs and lows of a business start up and has leveraged this knowledge using branding, clear execution of a well thought out strategy to expand internationally and sells his beverages in over 6,000 outlets across Australia.

In the webinar conversation Tom and Jesse will discuss:

- The true impact of a strong mission statement and vision proposition

- Becoming a branding and innovation pioneer

- How to redefine, redevelop and realign a business strategy whether you're starting a business or running one currently, get to know the ins and outs of branding and its importance in the modern business.