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​​​​​​​Business leadership transformation with Emma Evans

  • Author IconJesse Bonnici

The importance of employee wellness has been highlighted for several years now, yet there is an ongoing lack of tactical advice across our specialty industries to support businesses in doing so. In response, we're partnering with employee wellness guru and CEO of CAPI and Folk Capital, Emma Evans, who made a drastic business leadership transition throughout 2020 and hasn't looked back.

In our Q&A, Emma will discuss:

​​​​​​​•    Proven approaches to using leadership to drive growth in SME businesses
​​​​​​​•    How to restructure your leadership style to influence business outcomes
​​​​​​​•    The relationship between effective leadership and employee wellbeing

​​​​​​​As a talented and innovative business leader, Emma will discuss the challenges and benefits of her employee-driven leadership style and give functional advice on how other leaders can adapt their model to do the same.

Watch the webinar below: