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How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

  • Author IconLindsey Menezes

In episode four, Managing Director, Lindsey Menezes focusses on the importance of building a diverse workplace and how to hire based on suitability rather than likeability. Diverse teams are happier, more successful, and less likely to incur skill shortages. Lindsey walks us through how she prioritised diversity within her own team and how Pace VIC & NSW can support other business leaders to do the same.

4:04 – Why Diversity is a Non-Negotiable for Pace
5:40 – The Connection Between Business Success and Workplace Diversity
8:23 – Part One: Communication Style & Job Adverts
12:48 – Part Two: Hiring Mindset & Interview Questions
17:50 – Part Three: Aptitude and Personality Testing