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How to Deal With Rejection in Your Job Hunt

  • Author IconIsabella Cordova

We regret to inform you…

We appreciate the time and effort you spent on your application…

Thank you for your interest…

Sound familiar?

Getting rejected after an interview is always disheartening. Especially considering the time, preparation and hours that can go into any one job application. Ensuring you don’t become complacent in your hunt and remain confident in your abilities can become difficult over time. Not to mention it can impact your success in future interviews and job applications. To give you some motivation to keep pushing for your dream role and stay confident throughout this process, we’ve put together five considerations for candidates in the job hunt process.

Don’t sacrifice application quality.

The repetitive nature of job applications makes it tempting to duplicate cover letters, resumes and minimise the personalised side of your applications. By doing this you’re not only limiting your chances of getting the role, you’re also most likely depicting a version of yourself that isn’t accurate. Whereas, when you take the time to think about the application in more depth, the hiring employer or recruiter may really resonate with the personality that shines through and find you a role you never thought you’d be able to obtain!

Only apply for roles that you can truly see yourself doing.

It seems like a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many candidates sacrifice their goals to just gain employment as quickly as possible. By being particular about the positions you’re willing to apply to, you’re going to drastically increase your chances of finding happiness long term. Accepting a job that you’ll find yourself miserable in after a few months just leads to disappointment for yourself and your employer.

This method can also help you to apply for every opportunity with a fresh outlook. By applying for jobs you are truly passionate about, for companies that align with your own values and beliefs, finding a job becomes a much more exciting experience. In response, you will tend to approach applications with a fresh outlook and positive attitude.

Remind yourself that experience isn’t everything

In todays age, workplaces are dedicated to finding employees that are a cultural fit. Gone are the days where experience and skills are the only things employers look at. Keeping this in mind, there are many situations where a candidate may be perfect for the role on paper but just not a fit for the role hours, workplace culture or any number of other factors. A lot of the time, being unsuccessful in your application is anything but personal. While this can be frustrating given you absolutely nailed the interview, don’t lose hope!

Continue to invest in yourself

It’s important not to fill your job hunt with applications. Take the afternoon to watch an industry specific documentary or YouTube video. Invest in a cheap or free course that will stand out on your resume. Attend an event to help you network or develop. There are a multitude of ways to invest in yourself that are completely free and extremely valuable in the eyes of an employer.

Don’t accept pressure from those around you

When you’re looking for a job, the go-to question for small talk in any social setting is – ‘have you found a job yet?’. It can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing to admit that you may not yet have had any luck. What people tend not to realise when they’re not in the position is that accepting a job is a huge life decision and taking time to find the right one is far from embarrassing. It’s not something that happens overnight, and it has a drastic impact on your life circumstances no matter what the role.

Remind yourself in these moments that you will find the right role for you in good time. Although you may feel judgement at times, work is an easy topic of conversation for small talk, so try not to take the question too seriously.