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Should I Partner With A Recruitment Agency?

  • Author IconBrock Close, Jesse Bonnici & Michael Cronin

Businesses have had an influx of demand for growth in the last 12 months as they adapt to continuing operation throughout a global pandemic. For many, this has lead to a number of dead ends and meant the need for recruitment support has also increased.
Head of Business Development, Jesse Bonnici, Business Development Manager, Michael Cronin and Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant Brock Close discuss the various options for both employers and job seekers:

  • How recruitment can help
  • What to expect from your recruiter
  • Ways to get the most out of your partnership

 2.30 - How Recruiters Assist Job Seekers
 12:55 - What to Expect From A Recruiter
 16:00 - Recruitment Agency vs. Internal Recruitment
 17:30 - How To Best Partner With An Agency (For Businesses)
 26:38 - Pros and Cons of Partnering With Multiple Recruiters