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Leah KossmannPhoto

Meet Leah

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed being in people-entric roles. As the Candidate Manger in Pace VIC’s Contracts and Procurement team, I thrive on helping others achieve their career goals. I am passionate about mentoring individuals with their professional paths and I love listening to people’s stories.

I have a double degree in Arts and Commerce, specialising in Human Resources, Drama and French. My career has been just as diverse. Pre-Covid I lived in Europe where I trained adults in Business English at training centres for over 11 years. This was an incredibly enriching experience where I developed skills in giving frank and honest feedback. I have experience working in the private sector, government and as an independent contractor.  

In my spare time you can find me recreating recipes from all around the world -I’m (slowly) going through traditional recipes of countries from A-Z. And yes, feel free to judge me, I do take photos of what I cook! I love detail and it’s important to me to get things right, both personally and professionally. If you are looking for a change of “Pace” in your career, let’s talk!

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