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Meet Melinda

When your morals, values and culture align, you believe in who you are working with and recruitment solutions you provide – you know it’s the start of building something special.

Starting out her career within the freight forwarding industry in Melbourne, Mel thrived on its fast-paced nature and tight knit environment. After many years working within the sector that she knew and loved, Mel obtained an opportunity to support the growth of this area as a recruitment consultant.

Having moved around the east coast of Australia with her family, Mel put down her roots and found her home in Brisbane where she has never looked back.

With a want to form a genuine partnership where she could be personally invested and influential, Melinda joined former colleague Tricia at Pace Appointments Qld in 2012.  After four years of hard work to build Pace into the strong brand it is today, Mel further embedded herself to become a director and is proud of being a part of Pace’s growth journey, becoming a leading force in the reputation it has today.

With over 15 years of recruitment experience Melinda’s success can be attributed to her consultative approach and a passion for building genuine long-term partnerships. With a strong reputation in the market her focus has always been on quality of service, integrity, and unrivalled delivery.

As a director, Melinda leans to impart her knowledge and values through training and mentoring the team and working on the strategic direction of the business with her eye on the bigger picture.

Outside of the office it’s all about family for Mel. She loves exploring new places, adventures at the beach, or just chilling by the pool with her husband and two daughters. 

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