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Our Approach

As part of our process, we work in close partnership with you as the client, acting as a brand advocate for the business in order to attract the best talent in the market.

Our strategic approach will involve:

  • Extensive job brief with our client, to build a bespoke approach that is specific to your business, the role and your culture
  • Cobranding advertising campaign which is pushed out across our social channels, including LinkedIn
  • Mass marketing strategy to our extensive candidate database which is currently sitting at over 10,000 candidates
  • Market mapping exercise to provide ongoing intelligence to you around brand perception in market, where we are sourcing candidates and our candidate sourcing strategies
  • Extensive behavioural interviewing of all our candidates tailored specifically to the work that they need to deliver for you
  • Management of the process for you from shortlist submission through to interview scheduling and offer management

Our Process

Pace is uniquely positioned to deliver efficient and effective solutions to meet recruitment needs. Through leveraging our deep domain expertise, unrivalled market access and structured search and selection methodology, we deliver powerful results. We understand how to meet recruitment needs – because sourcing the best quality candidates is what we do.

Our approach is based upon gaining a meticulous understanding of our client’s objectives, strategy, organisation and culture. Our highly trained and experienced consultants are able to translate that understanding into a detailed brief and advise on the most appropriate recruitment methodology to apply.

Our process is simple but effective.

Consultation & Communication

Having worked with large top tier, global organisations, small family run businesses and everything in between, Pace Appointments Qld approach is based upon gaining a meticulous understanding of our clients objectives, strategy, organisation and culture. We take the time to understand your business. We seek to learn about the people who represent your brand, career progression opportunities, systems and methods engaged allowing us to be uniquely positioned to deliver efficient and effective solutions. Having this information helps us to align the best possible talent to your business and put your business in their minds.


The sourcing strategy will involve exploring various channels to attract a wide option of potential candidates for this role ascertaining the candidate’s motives and fit.
o Targeted
o Database
o Online Access
o Networking
We pride ourselves on providing candidates who have been stringently qualified by our team. Using executive search methods and industry mapping, our team connect with passive but potential talent closely matching your criteria. Our methods reach beyond our specialist networks, customised talent banks and over a decade long database of Pace qualified personnel

Counsel & Market Intelligence

At our earliest opportunity we will provide a brief on current trends and talent in the market. Your company will be represented professionally to the candidate every step of the way. Our consultants are specialists in their field and have built a long history and successful relationships with clients and candidates alike. Our consultants regularly connect with their mentors and connections to keep abreast of the market and gather an insight into the latest news. Essentially, we are your eyes and ears in the market offering counsel or a sounding board to clients and candidates alike.

Verify & Shortlist

We will pre-screen multiple prospects based on their ability, skills and certifications whilst gaining their interest and authority to represent. To provide you with a shortlist of recommended candidates who have been selected for the role we conduct a robust interview process. With a deep understanding of the industry, we will adhere to thorough interview probing into the technical capabilities and the behavioural competencies required for any roles. We will then exercise our due diligence process including reference checks, verification and background checks, ensuring thoroughness and rigor is applied on which our clients can make an informed decision.


We will work with all parties involved to ensure that a meeting is coordinated with the most appropriate candidates. You will receive prior to the introduction a thorough overview and additional background details to assist you to make an informed decision.





The goal is to work collaboratively with all parties to ensure a successful start and tenure with our client. Following the appointment of a suitable candidate we will maintain contact with you, and the candidate to ensure a successful commencement and to monitor future progress.