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Hey [NAME], thanks for the connection … “remove connection”

  • Author IconDavid Simpson

Hi, I’m a recruiter {remove connection}.

I actually like to call myself a headhunter, particularly when new people ask me what I do at parties when I've had two drinks because it sounds way cooler. The fact it makes me sound like a twat that they no longer want to speak with is beside the point. But these interactions in person echo the virtual conversation, because in the end all I’m really trying to do is make an actual connection with people, whether it be work related so I can ascertain if you are looking for a new job and if I can help, or just getting to know new interesting people.

The fact I’m writing this post on Linkedin means I should stay on point and stick to work related connections because let’s be honest, more than half the posts on here are about anything other than work related conversation/information that belongs on Facegram or whatever website cool people are using these days, at best.

Back to how I reach out to see if you are looking for a new job...

If you are happy where you currently work, fantastic, you’re winning work life. But if not, or even if you are happy but have a long term plan of where you would like to get to, I genuinely want to know so I can keep you in mind when these type of roles come up on my desk and then get back in touch with you and get you said job.

But how do I make the first move?

We are all different in a multitude of weird and wonderful ways, therefor we all like a different approach, so there really isn’t a one size fits all.

Much like the dating game on tinder/grinder or the amalgam of others I have no idea exist, as talking to someone in person is unthinkable these days (Christ I'm old).

You can either come on too strong, too weak, sound just like everyone else, or miss the mark completely and you’ve lost any chance of things going further. (Thank god I’m married and only have to worry about making work related connections as I can only assume making connections to find a partner is a million times for stressful in terms of how you approach your first conversation virtually, YIKES).

"Hey [NAME], thanks for the connection.

Hope you’re doing well.

Coming up to nearly 8 years with [COMPANY], that’s awesome!

Must be a good company and can see you have had some good development opportunities since your time with them".

Most of the time I stop there, mixing it up slightly by ending with a question on if you would be interested in hearing of opportunities in roles that relate to your experience.

Now granted that's not going to get me a date, but in terms of making the first move to find out if you might be interested in a new job....

Am I coming on too strong already?

Should I push further and go straight to the jugular with “hey, want a new job?!”?

Am I over thinking this completely?

Does it all just come down to random timing when someone has had a bad day, at the end of a bad week, at the end of a bad month?

I genuinely think this is the answer most of the time. And that is sometimes enough to get a conversation going with someone until we can chat on the phone or catch up for a coffee in person (our relationship will not be over message, I need to speak to people on the phone at the very least, in person preferred).

For me personally, when I get messages from recruiters or companies trying to gauge if I am considering a change, I hate nothing more than a generic copy and paste template message that is sent out to everyone and hoping by the law of averages that at least someone will come back to them with interest. I’ve deleted or moved on to better things before reading the second line of a lot of messages I receive in my Linkedin messages.

But if someone goes out of there way to reach out to me and ask how I’m doing, I will always go back to them with where my head is at and happy to stay in touch. Yet if I’m honest with myself, it’s really how my mood is at the time on how truthful I am or if I even engage... wow, this is harder than I thought. Did I just answer my question right there?

I am genuinely interested to know what works for people on Linkedin specifically, as I think I could be using my time on here a lot more constructively with my network. Possibly by ceasing with these monthly blogs and adding to the sludge of procrastination.

To discuss in more detail on what works for you, or if I have got you at the perfect random time when you are considering a change of scenery in your work life, reach out to David on 0457 000 647 or email david@paceappointmentsqld.com.au.