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How are you getting paid more than me for the "same" role?

  • Author IconDavid Simpson

L’oreal & Star Wars plugs aside, the discrepancy in wages from one company to the next can be a little surprising. How can doing the same role pay a difference of up to $20K+?! Why would I do a BDM role paying the same as an all-round operations role with little to no pressure in comparison?!

It’s interesting times with some companies willing to pay overs for quality people, which is great, but sometimes it can be too good to be true and we really need to question why.

While the first thing you might say is: “just get me the role paying more for the same thing idiot, derr”. In theory, this makes all the sense, but are you actually doing the same thing, or are there others factors at play?

  • High turnover or failing retention rate…
  • Limited to no flexibility in work/life balance…
  • Culture is shot and toxic…
  • No on-boarding or training…
  • Expected long hours, weekend work or be available on the mobile 24/7
  • You're just not as skilled as another person

Now some of the above are workable, as you should be expected to do more if you are getting paid more and sometimes everything lines up perfectly because you are both ready and capable of such a role. Everyone is happy “)

But sometimes you just have to take a hard self-assessment and ask yourself, am I ready for such a change in work life? Am I ready to take the next step?

If you are, fantastic, let’s do this!

If not, don’t kid yourself and take the chance, because 9 times out of 10, you will have taken a huge step up in salary, but not really up-skilled yourself and if things don’t work out, you are back on the job market hoping for similar pay with less options and in a sort of job hunting limbo nightmare you can’t find a way out of (for the record, I would watch that tv series. Evidently, I’m a masochist at heart 😊).

If you really look at your job honestly and compare it to the market, are you being paid fairly? Deep down, I think we all know.

If not, how do you prepare yourself for the next step in salary and responsibility?

A meeting with your manager should do the trick 😊. If it goes well, they will have set you on a path on how to get to where you want to go within the company you currently work and give you the confidence to achieve said goal.

If not and you leave the meeting feeling deflated and have little confidence that your manager actually “heard” anything you needed to say… it might be time you and I had a chat.

To discuss things further on wage gaps for similar roles in the freight forwarding market, contact David Simpson @ Pace on 0457 000 647 or email david@paceappointmentsqld.com.au