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New Year, New ME

  • Author IconStephanie Comber

If you were like me, scrolling socials the past few weeks has meant my feed has been filled with everyone’s festive photos, “New Year, New Me” pictures and of course a hilarious dog video (or maybe that is just my algorithm). No matter your preferred platform, it was hard to avoid the reality that another year is fast approaching it’s end. 

Aside from the complete shock that time is moving at the speed of light, ringing in a brand new year often becomes quite a reflective time. You think about the better parts of the year, try to forget the challenging times and start making plans for the new year.

Then it happens. Out of nowhere and absolutely when you least expect it. With the best intentions, the highest of hopes and complete belief that this time is going to be different, you create a list of new year resolutions. 

Believe it or not, creating New Year’s resolutions are one of the most common traditions in the western world. The beginning of a new calendar represents a time where continuing good practices, changing some less desirables qualities or accomplishing a personal goal somehow feels more achievable.

Don’t get me wrong, every year it’s something that crosses my mind and I am happy to admit, I have been that person creating a vision board on January 1st conveniently titled, New Year, New Me. Like most fellow vision boarders or “dreamers” as I affectionately call my people, vision boards are created with categories mostly pertaining to health, wealth and overall happiness. 

I mean, it’s certainly not as arbitrary as some may think. Well thought out plans to eat healthier, exercise more, stop spending money on amazon, travel often and learn a new language are great ideas no matter the time of year, so of course it seems reasonable to attempt to break bad habits and live your life to the fullest starting from day one of the new year. 

Another common goal pinned to that magical board is often “find my dream job”. The desire to get more time and flexibility back in your day to implement said resolutions, to have a more supportive environment to spend your 9-5 or heavens forbid you chase that ever alluring promotion.

Defining what is important to you and your family, deciding where you are going to invest your energy and what professional goals are within reach for you to proudly cross off your list and celebrate all coincide with the New Year. 

Understanding everything that makes you optimistically update your resume is where I come in. If your vision board or conversations with family and friends have included the decision to pursue a new job this year, then I would love to hear from you.

From one dreamer to all of my likeminded dreamers, I really hope this new year delivers everything you have pinned, glitter glued and crafted onto that magnificent board of dreams.

Happy New You.