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Squid Games'​ Glass Bridge vs. The Recruitment Fall Off

  • Author IconDavid Simpson

So I finally got around to completing SQUID GAME on the weekend and somehow made it through this long without anyone giving anything away. But one thing that stood out to me above everything else that happened throughout the season was just how much the The Glass Bridge episode parallels to when a Fall Off happens in recruitment.

Granted there are some vast differences (like nobody actually falling to their death), but give me some room here and allow me to explain.

After all the sourcing, calls, texts, interviews, offers, resignations, counter offers, counter counters, notice periods, forgot to tell you about a holiday I have coming ups, the start date in the new company has finally arrived and your new employee is finally here!

Day 1…

Week 1…

Month 1…

Month 2…

Month 3…

These milestone may as well be written on the glass ahead of you on the bridge in the show.

In more positive news, more times than not, it’s a great fit and everyone is super happy (it’s all tempered glass, if you will) and you just tick off each of these daily and monthly milestones by walking down a satisfying and easy path to upskilling and developing yourself and your career.

The employer has found the diamond in the rough that was everything they said they’d be and more… and the employee has found their dream role with work life balance and genuinely enjoy working there for all the right reasons and this ridiculous (contrived) analogy never enters the mind.

And yet… It’s inevitable… At one of these stages, sometimes, just sometimes, the new job, the new employee, just doesn’t work. And this doesn’t work for a multitude of reasons.

Bad vibes or bad feeling about the company (culture?), new employee over sold themselves on what they could do, the role changes somewhat to what was discussed originally, legitimate personal reasons, another company they had interviewed for that was their dream role have out of nowhere come back and offered them the role.

After being on the wrong end of this recently for my first fall off of the year (personal annual record – I digress before I have another one out of nowhere), I remember how NOT fun it is for everyone involved.

We’re back to square one and we have a less than happy employer, employee or both.

Could I as the recruiter done something different (better), I must have missed something!?

Is it out of all our hands?

Is anyone a glass manufacturer?! (I’m sticking to this metaphor, although the glass is looking regular).

Either way, it’s time to find the employer someone as good (if not better) for the original reasons why they chose this type of employee in the first place. And not only someone of quality that genuinely wants it, but quickly! As now we are down a person and the employer has now paid the recruiter for their recruitment, but no employee to go with the $ spent.

Top of the priority list this now goes (along with the other three priority roles you just landed this morning).

Time is everything! Employee, Employer, Recruiter. Everyone is trying to utilize the time they have in the day so they can get back to their families and private life, but the only way to feel you deserve this time is by utilizing the time in your work day as best you can.

"Time is everything!"

I’ve had my fair share of time management training days (frustrating, tedious, but sure did need them as this doesn’t come naturally to me!) but to now have to throw in a role that didn’t work out, it’s not only upset people I have represented and worked for, but my reputations is now on the line to finding quality people and getting quality people the role they really want.

Have I said too much?

Have I not said enough?

Am I another Linkedin connection saying things without really saying anything?

A little from column A, B & C I think.

If any of my clients or candidates out there would like to discuss in more detail to what happens if what could go wrong unfortunately does (and what I actually thought of SQUID GAME), I’d be happy to have a chat (well, in a more concise and direct way maybe).

To get in contact with David at Pace Appointments you can call him on 0457 000 647 or email david@paceappointmentsqld.com.au