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Sunday Anxiety = Banh Mi Monday

  • Author IconDavid Simpson

It usually comes at dusk… Just before bed (if you’re lucky)… It can even sometimes get you at lunch time (the worst). But at some stage on our Sundays, it will hit you in a way that is all too familiar and you know straight away what it is… The Sunday Arvo Anxieties have got you!

There’s already enough things for us to stress over each week; bills, kids, relationships, banh mi addictions… Why add your job into this list as well?

Ok, I can list at least 5 right off the bat…!

“I don’t want to have to start again”
“I don’t want the stress and logistics of having to interview over and over”
“Recruiters are a pain and never give you things straight”
“Companies never get back to my application”

That was 4, but I get your point imaginary inquisitor.

All very valid reasons that I myself had when I recently changed jobs early last year after almost 8 years with my last employer.

In the end, any cons against why you shouldn’t do something like bettering yourself for you and or your family should be quickly squashed.

Easier said than done for sure, but in the end, if your job is adding to your Sunday arvo anxieties, it might be time to consider looking at something and somewhere giving you better pay/location/options/flexibility/appreciation, so you can have one less thing to worry about on your Sunday arvo’s and back to more important things like what day you are getting a Banh Mi for work lunch…. It’s Monday.