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The Working Parent – v – 2023

  • Author IconDavid Simpson

Have the right skills, background, tenure and dedication for a new job but really just need some flexibility with WFH or school drops offs? Me too!

Lucky for me I found a company that has these flexibilities and I’m all the happier for it. Now time to find you one!

It took me to have kids to understand what my friends and colleagues already knew at the time when it comes to juggling work and kids. More specifically, kids at school and daycare and the logistics of drop offs and pick ups while one or both parents are working themselves.

The amount of candidates I speak to that are perfect for a role until they tell me they require school hours or the option of working from home once they pick the kids up from school is getting more and more each week.

Should I need the preposition "until"?! Surely not.

I get it, some companies and jobs just can’t accommodate such things… but some can. Or should be able to, no?!

Luckily more and more companies are adopting to the hybrid work model or at the very least are putting plans in place on if this is possible for their future.

Facts are, not everyone has a grandparent, close family friend or OSH (look it up, I had to) options for a multitude of reasons that can help with before and after school care and with the cost of living in 2023, most of us need the two incomes to survive.

Let’s not forget those single parents juggling everything. How?! You people are truly superheroes!

Hmm… Wow, I’ve just realized I am way out of my depth on dealing with such questions and issues.

I literally just had a client explain to me why they couldn't offer WFH and it actually made sense.

But this doesn’t stop me from trying to help these people find a new place of work that are willing and open to flexible work conditions.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all this nonsense, is that there ARE some companies out there that do have these flexible work environments for people that require full time work with flexibility at school hours.

Now while more than most don’t, that’s fine as there are just as many people looking for new jobs that aren’t a fan of the WFH hybrid model or need flexi hours and they can take the opportunities with the companies that don’t offer these flexibilities.

Let’s focus on the ones that do for you and get you a new job!

To find out which forwarders are flexible with school hours and WFH options, give David a call on 0457 000 647 or email david@paceappointmentsqld.com.au